Month: November 2014


RT55 Heavy Duty Trencher The 60-hp RT55 is designed for the toughest, tightest landscapes. Compact, powerful, and equipped with a low-noise Deutz engine, the RT55 works efficiently and inconspicuously even in the most sensitive urban settings. And with its multiple

Vacuum Excavation

Designed to take care of all types of spills and unwanted fluids, Ditch Witch vacuum excavation systems are the most productive and versatile on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Ditch Witch vacs offer exceptional suction

Dual Axle

Ditch Witch T-series trailers have dual axles and ramps for easy loading of equipment up to 20,300 lb. Ditch Witch trailers are built especially for Ditch Witch trenchers, vibratory plows and directional drilling systems.

Single Axle

Ditch Witch S-series trailers have a single axle, tilt-bed design with full-width wooden deck for easy loading of equipment up to 5,760 lb. Ditch Witch trailers are built especially for compact Ditch Witch trenchers, vibratory plows and directional drilling systems.

TK Series

Subsite HDD Guidance systems and our exclusive Green Ops™ process give you a clear plan, more control, and faster reporting for safer, more productive jobs. By maximizing your time in the operator’s seat, minimizing possible downtime due to underground strikes,

Locating Equipment

All Ditch Witch Subsite locating equipment feature the proven reliability and user friendly operation found in every Ditch Witch product. When locating utilities, accuracy is everything so you have less risk on a jobsite. The entire line of Subsite Utility



Compact Tool Carriers

Ditch Witch® Stand-On Skid Steers cover every scope of work for any jobsite. The line-up starts with the SK600, perfect for small scale landscape and irrigation jobs to the SK3000, a machine unlike any other. It brings true stand-on visibility


The Zahn offers an unprecedented combination of outstanding power, speed and maneuverability. But what truly distinguishes the Zahn is its multi-function ability. In the past, when you bought versatility, or a machine with attachments, you expected to give up performance.

Rod Pushers

Ditch Witch rod pushers are compact, economical, powerful and easily transportable solutions for long-distance trenchless installation of pipe, interduct, conduit and cable. Bore with directional control to 200 feet (61 m) or more with the P40; 500 feet (152 m)