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UtiliGuard 2

Utiliguard 2 Locating Equipment More information means a better understanding of your performance, accuracy and operations. That’s why the Subsite® UtiliGuard 2 adds integrated data capture, GPS positioning and a more intuitive user interface to the original UtiliGuard’s impressive list


2450GR Locating System The Subsite 2450GR ground penetrating radar system is an invaluable utility locating device designed to help subsurface utility engineers and other contractors locate any type of utility, both metallic and non-metallic, beneath soil, rock, pavement and other

150 Beacons

Locating Beacons Your guide to success underground is the versatile 150 beacon, which works with a wide range of Subsite electronic locating systems to help you confidently trace water, sewer, and drain lines. Whether you are locating metallic pipe, non-metallic


Utiliguard® Locating Equipment When locating utilities, accuracy is everything. More accuracy means less risk. So we packed the Subsite Electronics UtiliGuard® multi-frequency locator with accuracy-enhancing features, highlighted by AIM® (Ambient Interference Measurement) technology, which automatically recommends the best frequency. UtiliGuard


150R/T Locating Equipment The 150R/T utility locating system is an easy, affordable way to detect utilities beneath the surface, so you can dig a posthole or footing, install a French drain, or lay fiber-optic cable with confidence. Weighing just over


250R/T Locating Equipment Get a grip on what’s beneath your feet with the 250R/T electronic locating system, one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for locating and avoiding buried telephone, CATV, power, gas, and water lines. Consisting of a


830R/T Locating Equipment Identifying and tracing gas and water utility lines can be tricky business. A simple way to improve your frequency of success is the Subsite Electronics 830R/T utility locating system. Made to withstand the demands of rugged jobsites,

Locating Equipment

All Ditch Witch Subsite locating equipment feature the proven reliability and user friendly operation found in every Ditch Witch product. When locating utilities, accuracy is everything so you have less risk on a jobsite. The entire line of Subsite Utility