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Marksman™ The Subsite® Marksman HDD Guidance System provides superior performance in high-interference environments with the industry’s widest range of frequencies in a single beacon. Marksman scans the most usable frequencies, selecting the best choice to avoid interference. Its increased beacon

Field Scout

FIELD SCOUT The Subsite® Field Scout app works with your Apple® or Android™ mobile device, allowing you to walk the intended bore path of your next job and record important waypoints and obstacles such as the entry pit, exit pit,

Commander 7

COMMANDER™ 7 The Subsite® Commander 7 HDD Guidance Display is our most advanced display ever, delivering vital tracking data to both the tracker operator and the drill operator. Offering enhanced capabilities to the TK RECON™ Series HDD Guidance System, the

TK Recon

TK Recon Tracker The Subsite® TK RECON Series HDD Guidance System features proven TK performance with dual locating methods (walkover and Drill-To™), making it easy for experienced and novice operators alike. The TK RECON even lets you map your bore


Electronic Guidance Systems Subsite Electronics offers a versatile line of beacons to work with our broad range of HDD tool sizes and Subsite HDD Guidance Systems, including the 750, 752, 8500 and TK Series. These beacons are as durable as

TK Series

TK Series Tracker On the jobsite, interference is everywhere, created by many sources: metal fences, radio signals, underground and overhead utilities, nearby buildings, and others. With the Subsite Electronics TK Series HDD Guidance System, you can cut through noise and

TK Series

Subsite HDD Guidance systems and our exclusive Green Ops™ process give you a clear plan, more control, and faster reporting for safer, more productive jobs. By maximizing your time in the operator’s seat, minimizing possible downtime due to underground strikes,