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FX60 Vacuum Excavator The FX60 vacuum excavator is designed for super-sized cleanup jobs such as non-hazardous wastewater, salt and sand removal, industrial machine cleaning, and a multitude of post-emergency restoration uses. With its many standard features and list of options,


FX50 Vacuum Excavator The Ditch Witch® FX50 vacuum excavator has the power and functionality to do it all, from potholing to cleanup of all types of spills, HDD fluids, and jobsite debris. Featuring outstanding suction and water pressure, the 49-hp


FX30 Vacuum Excavator The FX30 vacuum excavator is equipped with a lengthy list of standard features—including a curbside operator’s station that allows single-operator control—and more than enough water pressure and suction to perform a myriad of cleanup and soft excavation


FX25 Vacuum Excavator The Ditch Witch FX25 vacuum excavation system provides contractors an economical solution for a wide range of cleanup and excavation tasks. This low-maintenance, low-profile unit can operate in tight jobsites, cleaning up spills and unwanted fluids with


FX20 Vacuum Excavator The FX20 vacuum excavator is ideal for a wide range of relatively small projects and multiple short runs per day, including municipal tasks such as valve box cleanout, storm drain cleanout, commercial and residential debris cleanup and

Vacuum Excavation

Designed to take care of all types of spills and unwanted fluids, Ditch Witch vacuum excavation systems are the most productive and versatile on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Ditch Witch vacs offer exceptional suction