Roto Witch® Drilling Attachment

Roto Witch® Drilling Attachment
Ditch Witch® mini skid steers are designed to drive a wide range of interchangeable attachments. Thanks to each machine’s quick-connect attachment plate, changing out attachments is fast, simple and minimizes downtime.
Key Features
  • Attachments are easy to operate with each machine’s convenient, functional levers.
  • Quick-connect attachment plate on all mini skid steers minimizes the effort in transforming each compact utility machine from a plow to a trencher, a tiller, an auger, or so many other options.
Roto Witch® Drilling Attachment
10.1 in
21.5 in
36.5 in
Bore/breakerhammer hole diameter
1.75 - 12 in
No load
142 rpm @ 13.5 gpm
2,000 psi
130 rpm @ 13.5 gpm
Torque @ 2,500 psi
560 ft-lb
Additional Attachments