250R/T Locating Equipment
Get a grip on what’s beneath your feet with the 250R/T electronic locating system, one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for locating and avoiding buried telephone, CATV, power, gas, and water lines. Consisting of a 250T transmitter and 250R receiver with passive or active capabilities, this simple, lightweight system features intuitive controls, an easy-to-read display, and depth estimation up to 15 feet. Whether you use it passively or actively, the 250R/T will help you get a handle on any situation.
Key Features
  • 250R/T electronic locating system’s best-in-class dynamic range helps locate even when signals are either extremely weak or extremely strong.
  • Ten times more powerful than other transmitters in its class, the Ditch Witch 250T can apply 33-kHz signals via direct connect, induction clamp, or other optional accessories.
  • Because the 250R/T’s tones are derived from actual signals radiating from pipes or cables, even novice users can distinguish the signal from background noise.
  • 250R/T is designed with two-thirds fewer components than similar electronic locating devices models, minimizing mechanical or electrical interruption.
  • Display is backlit and reinforced with a scratch-resistant coating for optimal visibility day and night.
  • Rugged design and standard moisture-resistant cases of the 250R/T stand up to long-term use and tough weather conditions.
27.5 in
11.5 in
4 in
Operating Weight
5 lb
Dynamic Range
146 dB
Operating Temperature Range
-4⁰ F to 122⁰ F
Antenna Configurations
Twin Peak
Audio Output
Operating Modes
- Active Line
33 kHz
- Passive Line
50 Hz or 60 Hz, no depth available
- Beacon (locate depth only)
33 kHz
- Radio
Passive locate, no depth available
Locating Ranges
- Line
15 ft
- Beacon
10 ft
Maximum Depth Ranges
- Active line ±5%
0.5 ft to 10 ft
- Active line ±10%
10 ft and deeper
- Beacon ±5%
0.5 ft to 10 ft
LCD Backlight
LED (green)
9.25 in
12.25 in
4.6 in
Operating Weight
5 lb
Operating temperature range
-4⁰ F to 122⁰ F
Maximum power output
1 watt
Operating Modes
- Active Line
33 kHz
Receiver Dimensions
Receiver Operation
Transmitter Dimensions
Transmitter Operation
Operational Frequencies
Receiver Batteries
6 C-cell alkaline
Battery Life
Approximately 40 hours (continuous use at 70⁰ F/21⁰ C)
Battery Saver
Unit shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity
Transmitter Batteries
6 D-cell alkaline
Battery Life
Approximately 150 hours (continuous use at low power level)
Battery Saver
Unit shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity
150 Short-Range W/S Beacon
150 Long-Range W/S Beacon
150 Short-Range Conduit Beacon
150 Long-Range Conduit Beacon
150 Short-Range Plastics Beacon
150 Long-Range Plastics Beacon
150 Short-Range Iron Beacon
150 Long-Range Iron Beacon
Radar Power Requirements
Mechanical/ Environmental
Dual Frequency
Recommended PC Specifications
Additional Locator Models