FX65 Vacuum Excavator
Designed for maximum payload capacity, the FX65 is a proven workhorse that beats the competition, hands down. It features a 74-hp turbocharged Deutz® diesel engine, the best horsepower in its class. The FX65 also has the highest airflow of any vac excavator at 1,215 cfm, 20 percent more than the next machine on the market. As with all Ditch Witch machines, it’s engineered with productivity and profit in mind.
Key Features
  • Most productive unit on the market in this size class with airflow optimized to maximize efficiency for highest performance output.
  • 74-hp turbocharged Deutz Tier 4 diesel engine powers the FX65’s outstanding suction and water pressure.
  • 1,215 cfm: highest airflow on vacuum excavator trailer for the lowest investment on the market. 20 percent more performance than the competition.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic power system powers a variety of jobsite tools, everything from impact wrenches to jackhammers.
  • Three stage filtration includes a cyclonic filter which cleans the air before it reaches the filter and a 2-micron washable vacuum filter. An additional blower relief air filter provides the industry’s best filtration for maximum protection of key components.
  • Saddle-style tanks give the 1,200-gallon FX65 vacuum excavator a lower center of gravity and enhance trailer balance.
  • Heavy duty FMVSS compliant trailer comes standard with toolbox storage to enhance trailer balance.
  • Options include a choice of 500-, 800- or 1,200-gallon vacuum tanks and choice of 200-, 300- or 500-gallon water tanks to meet the requirements of virtually any size job.
  • Applications include potholing to expose buried utility lines, directional drilling site cleanup, water leak repair, valve box cleanout, utility vault cleanout, commercial and residential debris cleanup.
  • System may be ordered from the factory either trailer-mounted or as loose components for mounting to a skid or flatbed truck.
  • Optional water heater keeps water system from freezing in inclement weather and increases wintertime productivity and production in tight soils.
  • High-pressure water system with a 5.5 gpm, 3,000 psi water pump; water pressure adjustable from curbside operator’s station.
  • Standard hydraulic door opens fully horizontal to maximize the efficiency of spoils removal; door also features hydraulic locks.
  • Fully enclosed, insulated and lockable power pack protects major components from weather and vandalism while leading the industry in noise reduction.
  • Optional remote control hydraulic boom rotates 270 degrees and extends to 14 ft saves labor, time and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Leads the industry in quiet operation at 82 dBA; The FX65 includes a larger silencer to further reduce noise for minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas and greater operator comfort.
  • Easily accessible controls and service points; curbside controls provide greater safety and convenience.
  • Easy access to power pack for convenient servicing.
  • Standard hydraulic door opens fully horizontal to maximize the efficiency of spoils removal; door also features hydraulic locks.
Dimensions - Trailer Package
1,200 Gal spoils /500 gal water on T26S
249 in
101 in
93 in
Weight, empty
12,245 lb
Trailer GVWR
26,000 lb
Dimensions - Skid Package
Vacuum System
Air flow
1,215 cfm
Maximum vacuum
16 inHg
Outlet valve size
6 in
Tank inlet valve size
4 in
Primary shutoff valve size
12 in
Filter Type
washable polyester
Filter area
130 ft²
Suction hose size
4 in
Power – TIER 4
Deutz TD2.9L4
Cooling medium
178 in³
3.62 in
4.33 in
Manufacturers Gross Power Rating (SAE J1995)
74 hp
Rated Speed
2600 rpm
Emissions Compliance
EPA Tier 4
Fuel Tank Capacity
25 gal
Power – TIER 4i
Water System
Water tank capacity
200/300/500 gal
Water pump flow
5.5 gpm
Water pump pressure, max
3,000 psi
Anti-freeze system
50/50 water/antifreeze mix
Pressure hose length
50 ft
Hydraulic system
Gear pump
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System - TIER 4
Hydraulic System - TIER 4i
Fluid Capacities
SAE reserve capacity rating
195 minutes
SAE cold crank rating @ 0⁰F
950 A
Electrical System
Noise Level
Sound Power
112 dBa
Sound pressure
83 dBa
Specifications are general and subject to change without notice. If exact measurements are required, equipment should be weighed and measured. Due to selected options, delivered equipment may not necessarily match that shown.
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