FXT30 Truck Vacuum Excavator
The proven, reliable performance of our industry-leading vacuum excavation systems is available in a compact package that makes it even more cost-efficient and maneuverable. The Ditch Witch FXT30 truck vacuum excavator has the power, innovative Ditch Witch design and features—including numerous options such as a hydraulic boom and reverse flow—to do all of your dirty work for you. Exposing buried utility lines, cleaning out storm drains, directional drilling site cleanup and valve box cleanout are just a handful of the countless tasks the FXT30 is built for.
Key Features
  • Designed specifically for mounting on truck frame rails, allowing system components to flex independently of truck, for maximum structural integrity.
  • Easily accessible controls and service points; curbside controls can be configured for left- or right-hand traffic, for greater safety and convenience.
  • Mounts to single-axle truck of your choice, new or used, so you can control the level of initial investment and customize with toolboxes and support equipment; complies with all truck manufacturers’ requirements.
  • Designed for minimal overall package height, resulting in a lower center of gravity and better handling during transport.
  • Saddle-style tanks provide optimal weight distribution to keep payload over rear axle.
  • Equipped with a 24.8-hp Kubota® diesel engine, the FXT30 offers 576 cfm of suction power and outstanding water pressure.
  • Remote-fill water tank allows for easy filling and prevents siphoning back into the water supply.
  • Integrated tool rack on door and underbody hose storage help simplify operation.
  • Easy access to power pack for convenient servicing.
  • Ladders provide easy access to truck bed, and can be stowed when not in use.
  • Optional reverse-flow feature enables quick and easy offloading of spoils.
  • Optional hydraulic boom extends to 14 ft; saves labor, time and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Optional heater, arrow board and cold-weather kit keeps water system from freezing in inclement weather and increases production in tight soils.
  • Choice of 500-gallon spoils tank with 200-gallon water tank or 800-gallon spoils tank with 400-gallon water tank to meet the requirements of virtually any size cleanup job.
  • The 73-dBA FXT30 is one of the quietest vacs on the market; fully enclosed, insulated and lockable power pack protects major components from weather and vandalism while leading the industry in noise reduction.
  • Reusable, 3-micron vacuum filter and a blower relief valve air filter provide the industry’s best filtration; optional cyclonic filter cleans the air before it reaches the filter, minimizing maintenance.
  • Standard hydraulic door opens fully horizontal to maximize the efficiency of spoils removal; door also features hydraulic locks.
  • Autoclutching feature disengages the water pump when water is not in use, allowing full system power for suction.
Dimensions - Trailer Package
Dimensions - Skid Package
800 Gal Spoils/400 Gal Water
214.3 in
96 in
93 in
Weight, empty
5,910 lbs.
Truck GVWR, min
33,000 lbs.
500 Gal Spoils/200 Gal Water
214.3 in
96 in
93 in
Weight, empty
5,400 lbs.
Truck GVWR, min
25,950 lbs.
Kubota® D1105-E38
Cooling Medium
Number of Cylinders
68.6 in³
3.07 in
3.09 in
Manufacturer's Gross Power Rating (SAE J1995)
25 hp
Rated Speed
3,000 rpm
Emissions Compliance
EPA Tier 4
Fuel Tank Capacity
15 gal
Vacuum System
Blower Displacement
500 cfm
Drive Type
Vacuum, max
15 in Hg
Vacuum Tank Capacity
500/800 gal
Full Opening Door Diameter
52 in
Tank Outlet Valve Size
6 in
Tank Inlet Valve Size
4 in
Tank Dump Angle, max
Primary Shut-off (ball type)
12 in
Filter Type
Washable Polyester
Filter Area
100 ft²
3 in
Power – TIER 4
Power – TIER 4i
Water System
Water Tank Capacity
200/400 gal
Water Pump Flow
4.2 gpm
Water Pump Pressure, max
3,000 psi
Clutch Type
Electric Pump Clutch w/auto de-clutch
Antifreeze System
50/50 water/antifreeze mix
Hose Reel (locking)
50 ft
Hydraulic System
Reservoir Size
4.2 gal
2,500 psi
Tank Dump Cylinders (2)
2.5 in
Hydraulic System - TIER 4
Hydraulic System - TIER 4i
Fluid Capacities
SAE Reserve Capacity Rating
110 min
SAE Cold Crank @ 0°F
800 amps
Electrical System
Noise Level
Sound Power
105 dBA
Sound Pressure
73 dBA
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