HX30G Vacuum Excavator
Powered by a 31-hp engine, the HX30G is designed to handle a broad range of underground construction, excavation and cleanup tasks without breaking the bank or compromising productivity and comfort. Customer-driven design enhancements help meet the needs of the operators that use the machine daily. The powerful, low-profile machine reduces unit height while maintaining ample ground clearance.
Key Features
  • Powered by a 31-hp Vanguard™ engine, the unit provides optimal suction power and water pressure in a low-profile package for any small- to mid-sized hydro excavation job or other non-hazardous cleanup tasks.
  • Featuring outstanding suction and water pressure, the HX30G is equipped with an efficient 543-cfm blower and a powerful water system with water-pressure capacity of 3,000 psi and 4.2-gpm flow.
  • The HX vacuum excavation line features a new patent-pending make/break seal design, which optimizes air flow for increased efficiency and simplified plumbing. An optional reverse-flow feature allows quick and easy spoil offloads for improved productivity.
  • Standard on the 12K, 14K and 20K trailer configurations is a cyclonic three-stage filtration system that cleans the air before it reaches critical components. It is comprised of the debris tank, cyclonic filter and 0.5-micron washable vacuum filter – offering the industry’s best filtration for maximum protection of key components.
  • The construction-grade HX30G features a durable, narrow frame for easy navigation in urban or congested areas.
  • A low-profile design features a reduced height to ease maneuverability. This allows the unit to fit in height-restrictive areas, without compromising ground clearance, so operators can more easily avoid ground-level obstacles.
  • An exclusive, hose-storage design allows operators to store the hose flat and straight inside the unit frame – a direct customer-driven enhancement. The vac door also features convenient storage for unit tools, including the vac tube and digging lance.
  • Patented, advanced door linkage automates lockout when fully opened, without requiring any additional effort from the operator.
  • The HX30G now has hydraulic controls located at the rear of the units, allowing full visibility of all hydraulic functions.
  • An optional dual work light features two LED floodlights in the back of the vac unit for use in dark or night conditions.
  • The HX30G is equipped with your choice of a 500- or 800-gal debris tank to meet the requirements of a variety of jobs.
  • Package options:800-gallon configuration includes A standard configuration equipped with a 200-gal freshwater tank and a 20K GVWR trailer. 500-gallon configuration includes:A non-CDL configuration equipped with an 80-gal freshwater tank and a 9.9K GVWR trailer. A standard configuration with a 200-gal freshwater tank and a 12K GVWR trailer. A heavy configuration with a 500-gal freshwater tank and a 14K GVWR trailer.
  • All trailer configurations are NATM compliant and are offered with an optional toolbox for all configurations excluding the 9K GVWR option.
  • An optional jib boom is available on all configurations (excluding the 9.9K GVWR trailer configuration) with exclusive dual articulation, providing the widest range of motion in the industry, as well as a hose restraint, which helps support the unit’s hose while working.
  • The machine can easily be configured to accommodate operator controls on either the left or the right side to meet each contractor’s individual needs.
  • The cyclonic filtration system available on the 12K, 14K and 20K trailer configurations minimizes filter cleaning frequency, while providing superior filtration, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Available with the Orange Intel™ Fleet Management System, equipment owners can keep track of their fleet’s performance with critical insights to help increase business efficiency and profitability.
  • From the basics of HDD and vacs to the specifics of operating stand-on skid steers, trenchers and more, the Ditch Witch organization is your go-to resource for the best training in the industry. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about our Ditch Witch Certified Training programs.
Dimensions - Trailer Package
500 Gal Spoils /80 Gal Water
218 in
96 in
84 in
Weight, empty
5,415 lb
Trailer GVWR
9,999 lb
500 Gal Spoils /200 Gal Water
232 in
96 in
84 in
Weight, empty
6,020 lb
Trailer GVWR
12,000 to 14,000 lb
800 Gal Spoils /200 Gal Water
296 in
96 in
85 in
Weight, empty
7,705 lb
Trailer GVWR
20,000 lb
Dimensions - Skid Package
Briggs and Stratton Vanguard
Cooling medium
Manufacturer's Gross Power Rating
31 hp
Rated Speed
3,600 rpm
Emissions Compliance
EPA Phase 3
Vacuum System
Air Flow
542 cfm
Maximum vacuum
15 inHg
Vacuum Tank Capacity
500/800 gal
Outlet valve size
6 in
Filter type
Washable polyester
Filter area
73 ft
Suction Hose
3 in
Power – TIER 4
Power – TIER 4i
Water System
Water pump flow
4.2 gpm
Water pump pressure max.
3000 psi
Hydraulic System
Flow rate
2.9 gpm
2,500 psi
Hydraulic System - TIER 4
Hydraulic System - TIER 4i
Fluid Capacities
Noise Level
Additional Vacuum Excavators