JT20XP Directional Drill Package
For optimized power and productivity on utility installation jobs, the innovative Ditch Witch® XP drill packages features a 74.5-hp JT20XP drill and a dedicated 44-hp XP44 mixing system – a full 118-hp package. The drill provides improved spindle torque and speed and more mud flow than competitive units, providing operators superior productivity and performance on larger jobs, all without compromising jobsite footprint. The full XP-package offers contractors an all-diesel jobsite and requires no DEF, simplifying service and maintenance.
Key Features
  • The full Ditch Witch XP drill package includes the JT20XP directional drill and a new XP44 mixing system – a full 118-hp package for optimized productivity on utility installation jobs.
  • Powered by a 74.5-hp (55.6-kW) Tier-4 Deutz® diesel engine, the JT20XP directional drill maximizes available horsepower for thrust and rotation.
  • The JT20XP drill provides 14 percent increased spindle torque for improved productivity and increased performance in tough ground conditions and on jobs that require a large backream, such as larger utility installations.
  • At 39 gpm the JT20XP provides 56 percent more mud flow than its JT20 Ditch Witch counterpart, offering contractors a productive drill designed specifically for larger jobs, without compromising jobsite footprint.
  • The unit also offers a 20 percent increased spindle speed, allowing operators the ability to run downhole tooling at faster speeds for improved underground cutting.
  • The XP drill and mixing system package features wireless communication up to distances of 300 feet in straight line-of-sight (actual distances may vary based on jobsite and surrounding area conditions), allowing operation of each unit independent from their designated operator stations. As a powerful standalone, diesel-powered mixing system, the XP44 offers superior mixing capabilities in a quieter package for less disruption in noise-sensitive areas.
  • A newly designed operator’s station features an ergonomic, adjustable seat to reduce operator strain and keep the operator comfortable for long hours on the job.
  • The machine’s open-top vise wrenches are angled toward the operator for an excellent view of the tool joint, and they require no daily maintenance.
  • An advanced, color LCD display provides engine diagnostics and informational messages, including electronic strike indicators (ESID), and helps operators stay aware of what’s going on in and around the drill and jobsite.
  • Featuring an innovative, urban compact design, the full XP package is easily transported, making it easy to maneuver and tow from jobsite to jobsite.
  • The JT20XP has no grease zerks – a Ditch Witch exclusive – and features all daily maintenance points in one easy-access location to simplify machine maintenance, reduce service time and increase uptime.
  • The environmentally friendly, Tier-4 engine requires no DEF, further simplifying maintenance.
  • The full XP-package offers contractors an all-diesel jobsite for more convenient operations and simple fuel service.
  • The unit’s high-pressure, 65-foot retractable hose is designed with quick-disconnects to reduce the loss of drilling fluids during setup and helps maintain an environmentally-friendly jobsite.
Power pack/pumps, length
76.8 in
Power pack/pumps, width
24 in
Power pack/pumps, height
43.2 in
Mixing station, length
28.4 in
Mixing station, width
17.4 in
Mixing station, height
33.5 in
500-gal tank, length
93.7 in
500-gal tank, width
31 in
500-gal tank, height
75 in
950-gal tank, length
124.5 in
950-gal tank, width
42 in
950-gal tank, height
80 in
Power pack/pumps, dry
1,615 lb
Mixing Station
450 lb
500-gal tank, w/hoses, empty
550 lb
System weight, w/500-gal fluid
5,160 lb
950-gal tank, w/hoses, empty
1,000 lb
System weight, w/950-gal fluid
8,933 lb
Centrifugal pump suction port diameter
3 in
Centrifugal pump discharge port diameter
2 in
Fluid pressure, max
50 psi
Flow rate, max
0-39 gpm
Pressure, max
1,000 psi
Dry mixing hopper capacity
1 ft³
Typical tank mixing time
7-10 min
Yanmar® 3TNV86CT
Number of cylinders
95.8 in³
3.39 in
3.54 in
Gross power rating (SAE J1955)
43.5 hp
Engine Speed
3,000 rpm
Power – TIER 4
Power – TIER 4i
Power - Tier 3/4i
Drilling Fluid System (On-Board)
Drilling Fluid System
Fluid Capacities
UFE Drill Pipe
Power Pipe®
Single Piece Forged Drill Pipe
Power Pipe® HD
Power Pipe Forged
Power Pipe Forged (900#)
Power Pipe® HD (900#)
HIWS1 Pipe
Power Pipe Forged (For Dirt Drilling)
All Terrain Pipe
Battery – TIER 4
Battery (2 used)
Battery – TIER 4i
Noise Levels
Additional Directional Drills