MetaFLO Solidification Reagents
Engineered to meet highly regulated liquid spoils disposal processes across underground construction jobsites, MetaFLO SolidState™ 2 and SolidState™ 6 solidification reagents don’t just simplify liquid spoils management. They also save you time and money. They work as a drying reagent that stabilize liquid spoils onsite so that they can later be taken offsite in solid form. Plus, they reduce the environmental impact of drilling fluid disposal and improve jobsite efficiency. And both are available exclusively from Ditch Witch Midwest.
Key Features
  • Disposing of liquid spoils from HDD jobsites is no small task. Leveraging MetaFLO solidification reagents, SolidState™ 2 and SolidState™ 6, underground construction contractors can easily solidify and stabilize drilling fluids to reduce time and decrease costs of disposing liquids and semi-solid waste.
  • Using MetaFLO reagents, liquid spoils can be converted into solid in the time it would take to get to a dump site, or less. And, reagents solidify liquid spoils in less time than competitive bulking additives, while using a smaller dosage for reduced costs.
  • The SolidState 2 reagent is engineered to work in conjunction with mixing systems for large volume applications. It solidifies liquids in less than 30 minutes using a typical dosage of 0.5 – 1.5 percent by weight.
  • The SolidState 6 reagent is specifically designed for heavier, semi-solid waste streams. It absorbs quickly and works immediately, solidifying liquids in less than 10 minutes using a typical dosage of 0.25 – 1 percent by weight.
  • The solidification reagents create dry, stackable solids for easy handling and transportation.
  • Both SolidState 2 and SolidState 6 are environmentally safe, landfill friendly and help spoils pass paint filter criteria.
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