JT100 ALL TERRAIN Directional Drill
It’s serious business when you need a rock-drilling machine as big as the JT100 All Terrain directional drill, so you expect some serious power. The JT100 All Terrain delivers, with 100,000 lbs. of pullback supported by a monstrous, 268-hp engine. All of this power requires some serious stability, which is why the JT100 All Terrain directional drill is equipped with an exclusive dual-pivot drill frame. Everything is engineered to maximize the productivity of the machine’s patented All Terrain technology, a two-pipe drilling system that enables you to drill and steer simultaneously.
Key Features
  • Industry-exclusive, patented two-pipe drilling system provides more power to the bit than any other rock-drilling system in its class.
  • The JT100 All Terrain’s 268-hp engine delivers more raw power more efficiently to all machine functions so the installation can be completed faster.
  • Because big rigs see big downhole forces, machine stability is imperative; the JT100 All Terrain’s exclusive dual-pivot drill frame allows the entry angles you need without compromising stability—or operator comfort—while drilling.
  • With 100,000 lb of pullback and 12,000 ft•lb of torque, the JT100 is the ideal directional drilling unit for extended-range bores and installations of large-diameter pipe.
  • Optional onboard crane is designed to load and unload pipe boxes, anchor the unit, and handle drill pipe, reducing the need for additional support equipment.
  • Fully enclosed cab features instrument panel gauges that are positioned for visibility, conveniently placed controls, and an excellent view of the tool joint.
  • The JT100 All Terrain is the only rock drill in its class that enables the operator to transfer drill pipe from one box to another—and add or remove the upper pipe box—without additional support equipment, so the pipe box is never empty.
  • By providing the operator better control when making pipe connections, the JT100 All Terrain’s assisted makeup feature greatly extends the life of your drill pipe—one of your biggest downhole investments.
  • With its infinitely variable rotary drive, the JT100 All Terrain is the only rock drill in its class that can truly match spindle speed and torque to find that “sweet spot” that will power through infinitely varying ground formations.
  • The JT100 All Terrain’s double rack-and-pinion thrust drive is field-proven and heavy-duty enough to push through—and pull you through—the long, tough bores.
  • Large-capacity, 120-gpm fluid pump plus larger hoses and fittings help move fluid downhole faster, for greater productivity; special damping feature reduces the downhole shockloads associated with greater fluid flow.
Overall machine length
368 in
Overall machine width
101 in
Overall machine height
110 in
operating weight
47,260 lb
Entry angle
10° to 15°
Angle of approach
Angle of departure
spindle speed, max
210 rpm - AT inner spindle: 270 rpm
spindle torque, max
12,000 ft-lb - AT inner spindle: 2000 ft-lb
Carriage thrust travel speed
150 fpm
Carriage pullback travel speed
150 fpm
Thrust force
70,000 lb
Pullback force
100,000 lb
Thrust travel speed
150 fpm
Pullback travel speed
150 fpm
Bore diameter
6.25 in
Backream diameter
soil dependent
Ground travel speed
- Forward
3.6 mph
- Reverse
3.6 mph
Power – TIER 4
Deutz TCD2013L06-2V
Cooling medium
Turbocharged & charge air cooled
Number of cylinders
436 in³
4.25 in
5.1 in
Manufacturer's gross power rating 2300 rpm
268 hp
Emissions Compliance
EPA Tier 4i
Power – TIER 4i
Power - Tier 3/4i
Drilling Fluid System (On-Board)
Drilling Fluid System
Drilling fluid pressure, maximum
1000 psi
Drilling fluid flow, maximum
120 gpm
Fluid Capacities
Hydraulic reservoir
47 gal
Fuel tank
97 gal
UFE Drill Pipe
Power Pipe®
Length, nominal
177 in
Diameter of tool joint end
4 in
Diameter of drill pipe
3.63 in
Minimum bend radius
205 ft
Weight of drill pipe and pipe box
229 lb
Weight of 12 drill pipe in box
3760 lb
Single Piece Forged Drill Pipe
Power Pipe® HD
Power Pipe Forged
Power Pipe Forged (900#)
Power Pipe® HD (900#)
HIWS1 Pipe
Power Pipe Forged (For Dirt Drilling)
All Terrain Pipe
Length, nominal
169.5 in
Diameter of tool joint end
4.5 in
Diameter of drill pipe
3.63 in
Minimum bend radius
205 ft
Weight of drill pipe and pipe box
284 lb
Weight of 12 drill pipe in box
4430 lb
Battery – TIER 4
Battery (2 used)
Battery – TIER 4i
Noise Levels
Additional Directional Drills