JT25 Directional Drill
The Ditch Witch® JT25 is an exceptionally powerful and productive horizontal directional drill designed specifically for – and with input from – the utility contractor. It features an exclusive rotational drive with 4,000 ft-lb of torque and 27,000 lb of thrust and pullback – just the ticket for utility backbone installs. But it’s not all power and brute force; the JT25 is the quietest and most stable mid-size drill on the market.
Key Features
  • Exceptionally productive drill for installing utility pipe and cables of up to 12 inches in diameter at lengths of up to 500 feet.
  • Exclusive rotational drive with 4,000 ft-lb of torque; unique, single-motor system results in smoother operation and greater uptime.
  • Simple, durable, customer-driven JT25 is designed for low-maintenance, high-quality performance.
  • 27,000 lb of thrust and pullback provides the power to efficiently get the job done and move on to the next.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use carve mode simplifies operation and improves productivity.
  • 130-hp Tier 4i Cummins diesel engine is not only the most powerful in its class, but also the quietest, for greater operator comfort.
  • Simple, field-proven pipeloading system with a lower center of gravity helps makes JT25 the most stable mid-size drill across all terrains.
  • Daily maintenance points in one easy-to-access location, and no grease zerks, minimizing upkeep and downtime.
  • Comfortable operator station with your choice of a single handled control or dual joysticks for thrust and rotation control, minimizing training time.
  • Dual rear independent stabilizers are easy to set up and enhance stability.
  • Narrower operational width than competitors’ models, for greater maneuverability and productivity in tight spaces.
  • Dual-pivot drill frame allows steeper entry angles without raising tracks off the ground.
Overall machine length
228 in
Overall machine width
87 in - w/ Cab: 87 in
Overall machine height
87 in - w/ Cab: 96 in
Overall machine weight
20,200 lbs - w/ Cab: 20,800 lbs.
Entry angle
9° to 20°
Angle of approach
19° - w/ Cab: 19°
Angle of departure
Ground bearing pressure w/ Ditch Witch pipe
10.3 psi
Ground clearance
5.7 in
Ground bearing pressure w/ Ditch Witch pipe, (w/ cab)
10.6 psi
Spindle speed, max
220 rpm
Spindle torque, max
4000 ft-lbs
Carriage thrust travel speed
182 fpm
Carriage pullback travel speed
190 fpm
Thrust force
27,000 lbs
Pullback force
27,000 lbs
Thrust travel speed
182 fpm
Pullback travel speed
190 fpm
Bore diameter
5 in
Backream diameter
Soil dependent
Ground travel speed
- Forward
2.8 mph
- Reverse
2.8 mph
Daily average fuel usage (per hour)
3.2 gal
Power – TIER 4
Cummins QSB4.5
Cooling medium
Turbocharged & charge air cooled
Number of cylinders
275 in³
4.02 in
5.42 in
Manufacturer’s Gross Power Rating @2500 RPM
130 hp
Power – TIER 4i
Power - Tier 3/4i
Drilling Fluid System (On-Board)
Drilling Fluid System
Drilling fluid pressure, max
1200 psi @ flows < 35 gpm
Drilling fluid flow, max
50 gpm @ press < 800 psi
Fluid Capacities
Hydraulic reservoir
27 gal
Fuel tank
42 gal
Engine oil with filter
12 qt
Engine cooling system
23 qt
Antifreeze tank
8 gal
UFE Drill Pipe
Power Pipe®
Length of drill pipe
116 in
Diameter of drill pipe tool joint end
3 in
Diameter of drill pipe
2.38 in
Minimum bend radius
155 ft
Weight of drill pipe (lined)
90 lbs
Weight of drill pipe & large box (50 pipe)
5200 lbs
Weight of drill pipe & small box (25 pipe)
2,500 lbs
Single Piece Forged Drill Pipe
120 in
Diameter of drill pipe tool joint end
2.61 in
Diameter of drill pipe
2.38 in
Minimum bend radius
108 ft
Weight of drill pipe (forged)
76 lb
Weight of drill pipe & large box (50 pipe)
4,553 lb
Weight of drill pipe & small box (25 pipe)
2,452 lb
Power Pipe® HD
Power Pipe Forged
Power Pipe Forged (900#)
Power Pipe® HD (900#)
HIWS1 Pipe
Power Pipe Forged (For Dirt Drilling)
All Terrain Pipe
SAE Reserve capacity rating
195 min
SAE Cold crank rating @ 0° F
950 amps
Battery – TIER 4
Battery (2 used)
Battery – TIER 4i
Noise Levels
Operator sound w/o cab
< or = 85 dBA
Operator sound w/ cab
< or = 80 dBA
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