JT5 Directional Drill
In residential areas, new utility installations rarely miss an opportunity to throw a challenge your way. With the JT5 horizontal directional drill, you can proceed undaunted. The JT5 was designed specifically—with very specific customer input—for shallow installations of cable, fiber and water systems up to 150 feet in length beneath roads, driveways, sidewalks, sensitive landscaping and other surface obstacles.
Key Features
  • Innovative, heavy-duty anchor system keeps the JT5 secure during utility installation, reduces wear on pipe threads, and enables better alignment of drill pipe during makeup.
  • The compact, maneuverable JT5 directional drill fits through a 36-inch yard gate; at 120 in long, it can be set up on the street without blocking traffic.
  • Patented vise wrenches are designed to center the drill pipe better every time and provide an excellent view of the tool joint.
  • Specially designed drill pipe has a bend radius of up to 70 ft and coarser, more durable threads so the pipe can level off at shallower depths. li>
  • Hood removes easily for access to engine and service points, simplifying maintenance.
  • Convenient, pedal-operated lubrication system helps maximize the life of pipe joints and increase productivity.
  • Fuel tank is protected with a steel plate block and lock, for added security.
  • Ergonomic operator station features a stationary seat, fluid-shutoff control, and easy visibility of the remote display.
  • Field-proven rack-and-pinion thrust drive for low maintenance and reliability.
Overall machine length
120 in
Overall machine width
35.9 in
Overall machine height
70 in
Overall machine weight
3690 lbs
Entry angle
10° to 16°
Angle approach
Angle departure
Spindle speed, max.
195 rpm
Spindle torque, max.
550 ft-lb
Carriage thrust travel speed
130 fpm
Carriage pullback travel speed
130 fpm
Thrust force
4100 lb
Pullback force
5000 lb
Thrust travel speed
130 fpm
Pullback travel speed
130 fpm
Bore diameter
2.5 in
Backream diameter
4 in
Ground travel speed, maximum*
- Forward
1.53 mph
- Reverse
1.53 mph
Power – TIER 4
Kubota D1105
Cooling medium
68.6 in³
3.07 in
3.09 in
Manufacturer's gross power rating** @ 3000 rpm
24.8 hp
Power – TIER 4i
Power - Tier 3/4i
Drilling Fluid System (On-Board)
Drilling Fluid System
Drilling fluid pressure, max.
750 psi
Drilling fluid flow, max.
5 gpm
Fluid Capacities
Hydraulic reservoir
8 gal
Fuel tank
13 gal
UFE Drill Pipe
Length of drill pipe
120 in
Diameter of drill pipe, tool joint end
1.88 in
Diameter of drill pipe
1.1 in
Minimum bend radius
70 ft
Weight of drill pipe
16 lb
Power Pipe®
Single Piece Forged Drill Pipe
Power Pipe® HD
Power Pipe Forged
Power Pipe Forged (900#)
Power Pipe® HD (900#)
HIWS1 Pipe
Power Pipe Forged (For Dirt Drilling)
All Terrain Pipe
SAE reserve capacity rating
85 min
SAE cold crank @ 0° F (-18° C)
525 amps
Battery – TIER 4
Battery (2 used)
Battery – TIER 4i
Noise Levels
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