JT60 ALL TERRAIN Directional Drill
Every Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drill stands apart from competitors by virtue of its patented, two-pipe All Terrain drilling system, which delivers more power to the bit than any other rock-drilling system in its class, resulting in unbeatable productivity in the widest range of ground formations. With the JT60 All Terrain, you also get a uniquely powerful combination of rotational torque, thrust and pullback, plus intuitive carve mode and many other features requested specifically by customers.
Key Features
  • Patented All Terrain technology has the industry’s most advanced inner-rod design, proven to increase production in hard rock and difficult terrain.
  • 60,000 lb thrust and pullback and 9,000 ft•lb rotational torque—the powerful combination you need for outstanding productivity on big installation jobs.
  • Designed for greater uptime with a simple, durable, customer-driven design.
  • Choice of a 190-gross-hp Tier 3 or 200-gross-hp Tier 4i Cummins® diesel engine.
  • Onboard, enclosed 150-gpm fluid pump for productive drilling at greater distances; flow rate can be operated simultaneously with thrust/pullback and rotation.
  • Double rack-and-pinion thrust drive is field-proven and designed to push/pull through the long, tough bores.
  • Fully enclosed, climate-controlled cab features instrument panel gauges positioned for visibility, conveniently placed controls and an excellent view of the tool joint.
  • Simple, intuitive carve mode reduces operator fatigue; compatible with superior TriHawk® HD housings and bits for exceptional productivity.
  • Proven, industry-leading pipeloading system is simple, easy to use and designed to increase speed with automation, saving you time, money and effort.
  • Heavy-duty, planetary-driven anchor system enables you to use full machine thrust when needed, improving jobsite productivity.
  • Two-speed thrust drive motors provide exceptional low-speed drilling control as well as higher speeds necessary for rapidly loading drill pipe.
  • Dual-pivot drill frame allows steep entry angles without raising the tracks off the ground—no need to constantly readjust the machine even when the terrain is muddy or steep; enhances operator comfort because operator’s station stays level.
  • Dual rear independent stabilizers give you confidence to set up on uneven terrain.
  • GPS is a standard feature of the JT60 All Terrain, allowing for online location and utilization tracking of assets, along with machine service, hour and location alerts.
  • Easy to service, with all daily maintenance points in one location that is easily accessed through removable doors.
  • Open-top vise wrenches are angled toward the operator for an excellent view of the tool joint when making up and breaking out pipe.
  • Operator’s station features intuitive joystick that controls all drilling functions, ergonomic seat, color LCD engine display, and an excellent view of all drill functions.
  • SaverLok™ System provides the tightest connection and best protection against wear and tear on the drill pipe and drive system; easy to install and replace, requiring no special tools.
  • Compatible with the TK Series HDD Guidance System, which enables you to cut through noise and complete bores with an unprecedented level of confidence.
Overall machine length
331 in
Overall machine width
87 in
Overall machine height
99 in
Operating weight
31,250 lb
Entry Angle
Angle of approach
Angle of departure
Spindle speed, max
240 rpm - AT inner spindle: 250 rpm
Spindle torque, max.
9,000 ft-lb - AT inner spindle: 2,000 ft-lb
Carriage thrust travel speed
100 fpm
Carriage pullback travel speed
100 fpm
Thrust force
60,000 lb
Pullback force
60,000 lb
Thrust travel speed
120 fpm
Pullback travel speed
120 fpm
Bore diameter
6.5 in
Backream diameter
Soil dependent
Ground travel speed
- Forward
2.5 mph
- Reverse
2.5 mph
Power – TIER 4
Cummins QSB6.7
Cooling medium
Turbocharged & charge air cooled
Number of cylinders
408 in³
4.21 in
4.88 in
Manufacturer's gross power rating @ 2,200 rpm
200 hp
Emissions compliance
Tier 4i
Power – TIER 4i
Power - Tier 3/4i
Drilling Fluid System (On-Board)
Drilling Fluid System
Maximum drilling fluid pressure
1300 psi @ flows < 30 gpm
Maximum drilling fluid flow
150 gpm @ press < 800 psi
Fluid Capacities
Hydraulic reservoir
36 gal
Fuel Tank
55 gal
Engine lubrication oil, including filter
20 qt
Engine cooling system
31 qt
Antifreeze tank
16 gal
UFE Drill Pipe
Power Pipe®
180 in
Diameter of drill pipe tool joint end
3.5 in
Diameter of drill pipe
3.06 in
Minimum bend radius
170 ft
Weight of drill pipe (lined)
184 lb
Weight of drill pipe and large box (28 pipe)
6,096 lb
Weight of drill pipe and small box (16 pipe)
3,612 lb
Single Piece Forged Drill Pipe
Power Pipe® HD
Power Pipe Forged
180 in
Diameter of drill pipe tool joint end
3.25 in
Diameter of drill pipe
2.88 in
Min. bend radius
169 ft
Weight of drill pipe
180 lb
Weight of drill pipe and large box (28 pipe)
5,984 lb
Weight of drill pipe and small box (16 pipe)
3,548 lb
Power Pipe Forged (900#)
Power Pipe® HD (900#)
HIWS1 Pipe
Power Pipe Forged (For Dirt Drilling)
All Terrain Pipe
171 in
Diameter of drill pipe tool joint end
4.13 in
Diameter of drill pipe
3.63 in
Min. bend radius
205 ft
Weight of drill pipe
264 lb
Weight of drill pipe and large box (18 pipe)
5,580 lb
Weight of drill pipe and small box (9 pipe)
3,150 lb
2 used - SAE reserve capacity rating
195 min
SAE cold crank rating @ 0°F (-18°C)
950 amps
Battery – TIER 4
Battery (2 used)
Battery – TIER 4i
Noise Levels
Operator sound pressure per ISO 6394
< or = 90 dBA
Exterior sound pressure per ISO 6393
< or = 109 dBA
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