MR90 Mud Recycler
By reclaiming, recycling and reusing drilling mud, you retain profits that others are literally throwing away. You’ll profit even more by using the Ditch Witch MR90, the most advanced, most productive mud recycler on the market. The MR90 is a self-contained unit that can mix and recycle drilling mud as well as handle spoils, for exceptionally cost-effective production. And it’s the only mud recycler you can transport full of fluid—one of its many cost-efficient features that no competing models can claim.
Key Features
  • MR90 is a self-contained unit that can mix and recycle drilling mud as well as handle spoils, for exceptionally cost-effective production.
  • Two-screen system, along with six 2.5-inch hydrocyclones, provides extra-clean mud for reuse; screens are easier to change and service than those of competing systems.
  • MR90 has the fastest setup on the market with the use of hydraulic leveling for the screens and hydraulic jack on tongue of trailer, dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • The most compact cleaning package on the market that can meet the demands of a directional drilling jobsite.
  • The only mud-recycling unit that can be transported full of fluid, for increased efficiency and reduced jobsite expense.
  • Powerful 25-hp Kubota® Tier 4 engine provides the power for recycling, supply to the drill and all hydraulic functions, including the shaker action.
  • 450-gallon mud tank: 110-gallon clean tank and 340-gallon first-pass mud tank; both tanks have a 3-inch connection at the drain for vacuuming out mud, minimizing jobsite cleanup.
  • 300-gallon fresh water tank provides extra drilling fluid capacity and support for equipment cleanup; electric transfer pump transfers water into the fluids to be cleaned.
  • Exclusive automatic pit pump control incorporates a float sensor; when recycler is not manned, pump automatically turns off to prevent overflow.
  • Hydraulic leveling screens and variable shaker speed are best in class.
  • Single-point operation simplifies performance without the need to move the unit; controls can be reached either from the onboard catwalk or from ground level.
  • Hydraulic pit pump provides more than enough mud for recycling, keeping up with the high demands of the job; variable control of hydraulics helps fine-tune slurry delivery.
  • Rear onboard hopper catches all screened spoils; integral mixer allows drying additives to be mixed into the spoils and discharged through rear hydraulic door.
  • Optional remote control of the pumps—an exclusive Ditch Witch feature—simplifies operation for smaller crews.
  • Optional rugged, commercial-grade trailer (14,000 GVWR) features LED lights, hydraulic jack and integral tool storage for all operational components.
  • Onboard high-pressure wash pump for cleaning equipment.
Kubota D1105
Cooling Medium
Number of Cylinders
68.5 in³
3.07 in
3.09 in
Manufacturer's gross power (SAE J1995)
24.8 hp
Rated speed
3,000 rpm
Length, T14R trailer
216 in
109 in
100 in
Screen Angle
Screen Level Angle
Weight, dry
6,385 lbs
System weight, w/fluid
13,063 lbs
Trailer GVWR
14,000 lbs
Dimensions - Hopper
Dimensions - Drilling Fluid Tanks - 500 gal
Dimensions - Drilling Fluid Tanks - 1000 gal
Recycle flow rate, max
90 gpm
Supply to drill, max
225 gpm
Shaker speed
0-2000 vpm
Screen area (coarse)
1,218 in²
Screen area (fine)
1,218 in²
Coarse screen micron standard
165/225 microns
Fine screen micron standard
70/88 microns
Fluid Capacities
Engine oil w/filter
4.2 qt
Fuel Tank
9.2 gal
Tank Total
445 gal
Hydraulic Reservoir
8 gal
Tank Dirty Side
340 gal
Tank Clean Side
110 gal
Water Tank
300 gal
Fluid Mixing System
Water System
Pressure, max
2,500 gal
3 gpm
Hose reel capacity (locking)
50 ft
50/50 water/antifreeze mix
Hydraulic System
Noise Levels
Sound power
101 dBA
Sound pressure
88 dBA
Fluid Management Models